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Hi Folks,

I am really excited to open my personal vault of custom world-class sound effects, sound design elements, loops, samples, synthesizer patchbooks, and other audio content and make them available to you!


A lot of time (thousands of hours), effort, creativity, and pristine professional audio recording, engineering, programming, and sound design have gone into this audio content. 


From riding along with the U.S. Marines on their M1A1 Abrams Tanks and CH 47 helicopters to infantry combat exercises and weapons ranges to braving hurricanes and severe storms to riding on steam locomotives, prowling industrial environments and the great outdoors, crafting musical effects, riding steamships, auto racing, speed boats, sporting events to designing iconic creature and electronic sounds, to meticulous and super creative synth and sample programming it's all here and only from my personal and custom vault.


In addition to the vault, we will be creating some new and exciting products for musicians, producers, sound designers, sound editors, museums, and more!


As a sound designer and composer myself, I know how useful this audio content is and I am confident it will be an amazing addition to your sound design and music production toolkit. Whether you use them as stand-alone sound effects or audio building blocks to create new and exciting sound effects, design, and production, I truly hope you enjoy using my new Signature Series audio content as much as I and my team did making them.

Also, be sure to check out my blog called Modern Audio. There is some great music composition, sound design, industry/business, and tips and tricks content there as well. Click here to check it out!


May they serve you well!


- David

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