This is the only place to get custom sounds and unique signature series patch books for iconic analog synthesizers.


In a world flooded with analog synthesizers, these patch books are ideal for the real deal synths, clones (Korg Odyssey & 2600, Behringer Model D, 2600 and Odyssey) & VST's!


Get the most out of your classic analog synthesizers with some of the best sounds in the world!

















NOW AVAILABLE 2.0 Release!

This is a one of a kind ARP 2600 Patch Book straight from David's vault and now even better! 


df|MG Signature Series is the only place on planet Earth where you can find this historical and unique ARP 2600 Patch Book!

What's included in this unique product and the 2.0 release?


  • The original ARP 2600 Patch Book (99 patches)

  • 3 Blank Patch Templates (DF Custom, Original Ver 1 and Original Ver 2 From ARP)

  • A digitally scanned copy of the letter from Al Pearlman to ARP 2600 users and custom patch!

  • Custom VIP ARP 2600 Patches that were only given to VIP. They were never given to the public!

  • 20+ Custom Patches from David Frederick (leads, pads, and bass)

  • The original ARP 2600 Owners Manual

  • Historical pictures and music links from the ARP NAMM JAM's 

  • Historical pictures of ARP Promotions of the ARP 2600

  • Typed letter from Al Pearlman describing his impressions and wonder of the ARP NAMM JAM

  • Over 315+ pages of history, images, music links, patches, custom patches, and more!

  • This is the only ARP 2600 Patch Book of its kind anywhere! No other product includes all of this information, practical and useful patches, history and more!

  • Version 2.0 Updated Release of this Patch Book

  • Available right now as a PDF Download 


David literally grew up around ARP synthesizers as his father - David Sr. was one of the original leaders at ARP Instruments and a visionary behind many of its most popular synths (Odyssey, Pro Soloist, Axxe, Little Brother, Omni, String Ensemble, etc.). As a result, this is a unique and exclusive patch book for the famous ARP 2600 only from David Frederick and df|Music Group Signature Series.


If you own an ARP 2600 (real, clone or VST) this is a must-have Signature Series Patch Book!


Get the most out of your 2600 and experience ARP History!  Download today!











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(L) David performing live at 10 years old with an ARP Pro Soloist, CAT Synthesizer, Kitten Synthesizer and a Thomas Coronado Organ (Middle) David and his brother Jamie with an ARP 2600, (R) David with a very old and rare blue ARP 2600 during a custom sampling session.

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